IQ Supply Solutions, LLC is the logistics and product services company.

We specialize in procurement and inventory management services for your projects.

Procurement Services

We work with manufactures to purchase products for your company needs.

Inventory Management

We manage your project inventory utilizing our state of the art custom warehouse management system.

Facilities Management

We provide job site facility specific packages based on your company needs.

Inventory Management:

  • We secure your product from – weather, damage and theft.  Just in time deliveries of project materials are provided at your convenience.
  • Barcoding and RF scanners are used for each individual item.
  • De-boxing and pre-assembly of product components.  Using custom made carts so we offer de-boxing services, decreasing trash on the job site and your man hours.
  • Facilitating your QA/QC of product and material testing in our facility.
  • LEAN project support and the ability to customize specific services to meet our clients varying needs.
  • Our custom-made WMS system has a customer log in so the project manager will always have access to real time inventory logs.
  • We have a secure and fully insured warehouse.  We will provide a custom Certificate of Insurance (COI) as required by project.

Facilities Management:

We provide Facilities Management services.  We facilitate the delivery, set-up, and schedule the weekly maintenance of:

  • Job trailer
  • Sewer tanks
  • Cleaning services
  • Office furniture
  • Ice machines
  • Etc., we can provide just about anything else the project manager needs for their job trailer.

We offer this service to help take a lot of scheduling and hassle off of the project managers plate.  An additional benefit is the project manger will only have to issue ONE purchase order in place of multiple to various vendors.